About Us

The Intellectual Property Society at the University of Glasgow is dedicated to the full enjoyment of the academic and social activities of its members. In keeping with the IP specialisation, members include law students pursuing the LLM ‘IP and the Digital Economy’ and is open to any previous graduates. Through the creation of an alumni network former students can remain engaged beyond their journey at UofG, bridging student life and professional life. The student base is international in nature contributing to the establishment of a network which serves to launch careers and open the door to opportunities.

Our Features - Your Benefits

While the GU-IPS includes a lot of activities there are three main features of the GU-IPS that we want to underline as our main assets and your biggest benefits if you get engaged with us.

Intellectual Property & Digital Economy

There is one thing that unites us all: our interest in IP - the law, philosophy and political interests that shape and influence it.

We organize and attend discussions, lectures and workshops on

The Digital Economy, Information Technology and Intellectual Property.

Through the Society, you have the opportunity to get involved in the topics that interest you most!

Alumni Network

We want to connect ourselves and our predecessors and successors directly.

The advantages of our Alumni Network are obvious:

Students can draw on  the expertise of predecessors, who can provide them with knowledge through experience.

We are therefore always highly interested in attracting former students to hold talks our  participate in workshops.

Alumni have the unique opportunity to get intouch with highly motivated and skilled students and to get back in touch with the university they once studied at.


(Wo)Man shall not live by bread alone!

As much fun as university and our studies can be, there is always the need to get away from everything and enjoy oneself.

Our time here in Glasgow is not only important because of the contents we learn . The variety of students from all over the world demands after opportunities to get to know each other and to exchange impressions.

We are always trying to organize socials to give you opportunity to meet your fellow students.